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Tesix Wireless Embraces Cryptocurrency with New Payment Options

Updated: Jan 22

Customer requests to pay with Bitcoin and Shib for their phone bills has been in significant demand over the past three years, and we're now in the process of integrating this capability.

Previously, we offered this for the purchase of SIM Kits and Smartphones, but eventually discontinued it due to the increase in transaction costs for such low per transaction fee.

We're nearing completion in integrating this feature into our payment system, specifically for recurring payments using the cryptocurrencies.

The future of payment is Crypto:

As we move further into the future of tech and the change in payment transaction, Tesix Wireless want's to get ahead of the curve and began to incorporate the future of payments into out system now and move the the advancement of what's ahead.

Cryptocurrencies operate globally without many borders, enabling us to accept payments from anywhere in the world without concerns about currency conversions or international transaction fees. Considering, we are looking to place Tesix Wireless into the Canadian markets.

As we test into various areas of tech, we believe that the Blockchain technology, the backbone of cryptocurrencies, will offer us robust security features as we grow and even assist in our risk management of box sales and recurring subscriptions.

A desire to Innovate:

With such a huge and ever growing consumer interest in using cryptocurrencies for various transactions, including recurring payments. We believe that catering to this demand demonstrates innovation and adaptability to evolving preferences.

Our existing subscribers will notice a new addition in their backend options for making payments. They can now choose to pay their monthly bills using Credit Card, Apple Pay, and the newly added option: Crypto!



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