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Porting In Policy:

At Tesix Wireless Network, we understand the importance of seamless transitions when you decide to join our network. Our porting in process is designed to make it easy for you to bring your number to Tesix Wireless Network while ensuring minimal disruption to your service. Here's what you need to know:


  • To port your number to Tesix Wireless Network, ensure that your current number is active and in good standing with your current carrier.

  • Your device must be compatible with Tesix Wireless Network's network technology. You may need to check compatibility before initiating the porting process.


Required Information:

  • To initiate the porting process, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your current phone number.

  • Your account number with your current carrier.

  • The PIN or password associated with your current carrier's account.

Initiating Porting:

  • You can initiate the porting process by visiting and following all prompts.

  • You will be required to fill in porting details during activation.


Processing Time:

  • Once initiated, the porting process can take 5-20 minutes to complete. It solely depends on your previous carrier response time.

  • During this time, you may experience very minimal service disruption.



  • Once the porting process is complete, you will receive a confirmation notification from Tesix Wireless Network.

  • Your previous carrier may also notify you about the successful porting out of your number.


Welcome to Tesix Wireless Network:

Upon successful porting, welcome to Tesix Wireless Network!



Porting Out Policy:

Should you decide to leave Tesix Wireless Network and port your number to another carrier, we aim to facilitate a smooth transition for you. Here's what you need to know about our porting out policy:

Initiating Porting Out:

  • To port your number out of Tesix Wireless Network, you will need to contact our support team to obtain your porting details.

  • Provide your new carrier with your Tesix Wireless Network account number and any other required information.

  • Note: If your line is not active or unpaid, we can not generate your porting details. Lines MUST be active to port out of Tesix Wireless Network.

  • Porting details are good for 48 hours, so we recommend porting out within 48 hours of receiving your details or requesting new credentials.  

Cooperation with New Carrier:

  • Tesix Wireless Network will cooperate with your new carrier to ensure a seamless porting out process.

  • We will provide any necessary information to facilitate the porting out of your number.


Billing and Account Closure:

  • Ensure that your Tesix Wireless Network account is in good standing before initiating the porting out process.

  • Once the porting out is complete, your Tesix Wireless Network account will be closed, and any outstanding balances must be settled according to our standard billing procedures. Because we are a prepaid carrier, you accounts will not carry a balance, however, the account must be active (paid) to port.


Upon successfully porting out, you will receive a confirmation notification from both Tesix Wireless Network and your new carrier.


We value your feedback. If you have any suggestions or reasons for leaving Tesix Wireless Network, please feel free to share them with us. Your feedback helps us improve our services for our valued customers.

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