Getting started is super easy.

Getting started with Tesix is fast and easy. Order your activation kit, await its arrival, and come back to activate!

  • Bring Your Own Phone

  • All taxes & fees included

  • Keep your same number

Have friends internationally?

With the Tesix Power Plan, you can text anyone, anywhere in 160+ countries.

We are now activating Tablets!

Tesix Wireless® is now allowing tablet activations on our 4G/5G network. Activate any plan you wish!

Tier One.

Get your [;an power for 90 days!

$85/3mo plan

Unlimited Everything + International Texting

The Tier One plan keeps things simple while providing all the essentials. Light Data usages with extended roaming.

See full plan >

Great speed. On the largest network.

Operating on the nation's largest network. Tesix covers 98% of Americans with our 4G LTE & 5G+ connectivity.

Keep the phone you love and the number you remember. No unnecessary changes are required.

Bring your own phone and number.


Does Tesix Wireless® covers USA only?

Yes, at this time Tesix Wireless® only covers the United States.

What are Tesix Wireless® least covered states?

Our least are the following:

  • Alaska- 11.3% Coverage

  • Maine- 46% Coverage

  • Montana- 68.40% Coverage

  • Nevada- 51.42% Coverage

  • Wyoming- 54.63% Coverage

All other states within our coverage zones are covered by 80-99%. Living in rural areas can sometimes affect your reception.

Does my device affect my reception?

Yes, this is possible. Having a 4G/5G devices gives you a better chance at great coverage. Using older devices can affect your reception tremendously.


How can I check my unlock status?

If you believe your device is locked, please call your current carrier and ask them to check your unlock status.

Is there a way to activate my Sprint phone?

If you have a Sprint only device unfortunately no. Sprint is a CDMA carrier and if your device is only for Sprint, it will not work. You can call Sprint and check your unlock eligibility.

How long does activation takes?

If you are getting a new phone number, activation can take 5 minutes or less. If you are porting a number, the activation will vary. When porting a number, your previous carrier will need to approve the port. This can take 7-20 minutes.

What do I need to port my number into Tesix Wireless®?

You will simply need to get your porting credentials from your current carrier. During activation with Tesix, you will be prompt to input your Account and PIN number.