Tesix Wireless Customer Support Policy

Last revised 4/20/2019

When reporting issues with services to Tesix Wireless Network (carrier) such as:

  • Suspension

  • Data Connection

  • Replenishments

  • or other technical support issues

Issue will be addressed within 24-48 of reporting by Tesix Wireless Network support team or technicians. Some issues and resolutions to those issues may take longer but will not exceed 7 days. When following up on an issue, the reporting period must be within 90 days. After 90 days, issues can not be revisited if the issue is not currently presenting itself.

If replenishments and billing renewals are made as the issue is presenting but there is no documented reporting of the issue, it can not be revisited to current resolutions after 90 days.


It is important to ensure your reported issue is handled within 7 days but within 90 days.

Issues can be reported via email support@tesixwireless.com, via Chat located at Righthand corner of website (desktop) or bottom of mobile devices titled (Chat), via your MyAccount Login by opening a Support Ticket or by visiting our Help Center.