Become a reseller of the disrupt carrier.

Tesix Wireless™ Reseller Program is a simple one: Resell Sim kits, keep the profits, and get paid for activations.


Tesix Wireless™ is a millennial-focused prepaid wireless carrier that offers a pay as you see plan model. With plans starting at just $18/mo, we offer plans that suits all kind of millennial users.

Are you a good fit for a reseller?

Being a good fit for Tesix Reseller Program is simply enjoying selling, you can translate the mission of Tesix and believe in our brand. We are a fun and exciting mobile brand who seeks out fun and exciting individuals to be apart of our mission.


As a reseller, being a good fit means:

  • Good with sales

  • Great at explaining services

  • Has a great sales environment

  • Able to translate brand's mission/story into sales

Our reseller program eliminates all hardship and keeps things extremely simple.

So how does this work exactly?

How it Works:

  • Join our Reseller Program

  • Pay one-time $50 join fee

  • Receive and resell Sim Kits

  • Keep all Profits

  • Earn additional $5 for each activation

Each reseller will receive their own personal code to give to their customers. Encouraging their customers to use your code will allow your customers to receive discounts and you to earn a residual income.

Each reseller will be able to freely buy more sims at wholesale rates and resell for full value (max $10). While you are able to sell your Tesix Sim for whatever rate you wish, we do however, recommend not exceeding $10 per sim kit.

Upon joining, resellers will receive the following:

  1. 25 Starter Sim Kits

  2. Tesix Merch

  3. Tesix Marketing Material (Physical & Digital)

Your reseller ROI can result in $250+ by selling all 25 of your stater sim kits. Get bonuses upon activating your first 25, 50 and 100 customers.