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Tesix Wireless raises $275K to extend Hawaii coverage to 82%.

Updated: Jul 3, 2023


For the past 5 years since we launched, we have covered over 90% of the United States! Some states like Maine, Hawaii, and New Mexico were at the bottom of our coverage zone until now.

While New Mexico and Maine are up by just 7% of coverage, Hawaii is officially at 82% covered on the Tesix Wireless Network, thanks to three of Tesix Wireless's biggest investors covering the complete extension in the state.

Since 2020, we have received numerous requests for services in Hawaii, and many sim kits have been purchased, but with very little coverage success and a high churn rate due to the lack of coverage there.

In August 2020, we decided to open an interest list solely for Hawaii residents and see what kind of demand our services had there. We allowed this list to go on for 2 years, and by November 2022, the interest had grown to 1,700 potential subscribers, with only 136 subscribers already activated in Hawaii, where services were best.

In the Tesix Wireless 2.0 Launch, it was important to reopen activations bigger and better, and more importantly, with consistent coverage. With such considerable interest in Hawaii, we wanted to make it a priority in our 2.0 Launch and gear up to activate wireless users in the state.

Getting our investors on board was an awesome process because they understood the demand and the potential Tesix Wireless has in Hawaii. With a starting point of 1,700 mobile subscribers in the state, we stand to generate an average of $85,000 in monthly revenue compared to our original revenue of $4,700 with only 136 mobile subscribers in Hawaii.

Part of this will also be used towards marketing, collaborations, and additional sim kit purchases to ensure we cover the entire waitlist and future subscribers in the area.

Tesix Wireless is still working on the final details, and reopening activations is getting closer and closer.

If you haven't joined the waitlist yet to be the first to know when we reopen activations, head here and get on the list:



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