About Us.

We are a prepaid wireless carrier with a primary focus on providing millennial's more straightforward and commitment-free wireless. We believe that wireless bills are expensive and lack the features to fit the rates.

The most important thing to discover was what millennials wanted and what they hated—spending nearly two years planning, our founder set in motion the create a millennial-focused wireless carrier.


After surveying with social conversations, with a response from nearly 600+ millennials aging 18-34, essential responses were lesser fees and more features.



Wanted lesser monthly fee added to their bill.



Wanted more data in their plan before it throttled.



Wanted more international ability for lesser money.

Our Story.

Founded in 2018, our founder Chaymeriyia Moncrief recognized that millennials struggle to pay their wireless bills due to rates and excessive fees. Recognizing this problem and the opportunity to create a more simple wireless carrier, she set out start to Tesix Wireless.


Based in Montgomery, AL, Chaymeriyia's hometown, the carrier is has grown beyond the lines of the "Capitol City." Becoming 


Being one of the only African American and woman-led prepaid wireless carriers in the United States, Chaymeriyia prides the foundation of Tesix as, "By a millennial for the millennial".