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Last Updated January 16, 2023

Funding Raised in 2023: 

New Investments are only available to Current Accredited Investors only.

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News, Numbers and Predictions.

Value Assess

Our Quarterly Value Assessment

Total value of company is based on Revenue, Profits, Loss , Debts and Current Assets on 5YTD.


Down 23.04% from $11,219,837.12

2022 Revenue

Total Amount from Subscribers

Total amount listed is revenue from Tesix Wireless® mobile subscribers.


Decrease: Stopped Activation due to extensive carrier changes that resulted in a 7-month long compliance assessment and platform refurbishment.

Predicting $20M total by 2025

5YTD Revenue

Tesix Wireless® 5 year revenue

Total amount listed is revenue from Tesix Wireless® mobile subscribers and box sales.


Canada Expand

Estimated Cost of Expansion to Canada


Revenue Predict

Generated based on our Canada Activation Waitlist


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