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Last Updated January 16, 2023

Funding Raised in 2023: 

New Investments are only available to Current Accredited Investors only.

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News, Numbers and Predictions.

Value Assess

Our Quarterly Value Assessment

Total value of company is based on Revenue, Profits, Loss , Debts and Current Assets on 5YTD.


Down 23.04% from $11,219,837.12

2022 Revenue

Total Amount from Subscribers

Total amount listed is revenue from Tesix Wireless® mobile subscribers.


Decrease: Stopped Activation due to extensive carrier changes that resulted in a 7-month long compliance assessment and platform refurbishment.

Predicting $20M total by 2025

5YTD Revenue

Tesix Wireless® 5 year revenue

Total amount listed is revenue from Tesix Wireless® mobile subscribers and box sales.


Canada Expand

Estimated Cost of Expansion to Canada


Revenue Predict

Generated based on our Canada Activation Waitlist


News Updates

  • NEW: Rebranding
    We are undergoing a major brand overhaul! We have been preparing for the past several months to roll out our new branding, Sim Kit designs, and more. We have retired our old logo and icon, and given them a bolder, more fun, and cleaner look. Our audience is predominantly Millennials, and we wanted the design to evoke a creative and stand-out feel. As we prepare to launch different sectors under Tesix, we wanted to create a mark that complements our campaigns for each sector while allowing us to diversify each subsidiary's logo while staying true to the original mark. We will be releasing the new design for the Tesix Wireless Sim Kit and Packaging soon!
  • NEW: Verizon has Approved our new Platform
    In the past few months, we have been working hard behind the scenes to revamp our activation system and security protocols to comply with the standards set by major carriers. Finally, after months of work, Verizon has completed its software and security vetting, and we are now ready to start activating our customers once again. You see, we were growing really fast and had so many people activated on our old platform that it was causing a lot of issues, security risks highlighted by AT&T at the time, and so much lagging. We have spent several months and a well-invested sum of money into this relaunch, and we are super excited. While all three carriers are reviewing our new platform, we have not yet received the go-ahead from the others. However, based on what our Verizon Tech has explained to us, the approval from Verizon can potentially speed up the approval process with the other carriers. Three days ago, we submitted the official approval and compliance letter from Verizon to all other carriers, and we are now waiting to hear back. We are now moving into the final stages of completing the new Tesix Customer App and this will definitely be a step up from our old app. Everyone who is still on our old system and using the old platform has already begun moving to our native platform so that they can start experiencing the updates early and be permanently moved over soon!
  • Update from Chaymeriyia Moncrief
    It's important to keep in mind the type of investment you made with Tesix Wireless. The value of your investment does not change until there is a liquidity event, such as a sale or going public. This was explained at the time of your investment and has not changed. Your investment is only lost if the company shuts down operations. It's also important to note that a SAFE investment is not a dividend-paying investment, and Tesix Wireless is not a publicly traded company. As stated during your initial investment, you could only withdraw your investment before the investment round ended. Requesting withdrawal several years after the investment round has closed is not allowed, as all investments have been used to further the company. Please keep in mind that you invested in a start-up and as a wireless carrier, the outcome may not be what you expected. As the founder of Tesix Wireless, I am committed to improving the company and driving its growth. We have already achieved many milestones, and even our largest investors do not expect a sale until Year 7-10. My priority is not to rush the process, but to steadily grow the company. With over 4,000 crowd investors, my focus is on building the company for the long term, not just for a quick sale. Tesix Wireless is among the largest players in the industry and the fact that we have been able to build a successful wireless company through bootstrapping is a significant accomplishment. Please give me time for continued growth and development of the company. It's important to remember the type of investment you made when you invested in the company and the risks involved. Your investment was made with the understanding that this was a long-term game and not a quick way to get rich. I have no desire for the company or investment to be perceived as otherwise. Lastly, as an investor, you play an important role in the growth of the company. Of the 4,000 investors, only a small number of you are using our service, referring others, and actively engaging with the company. Your contribution to the growth of the company you've invested in is crucial to our continued development and success.
  • Investor Unsubscribing Email
    I wanted to quickly mention investors unsubscribing from the investors mailing list. It's crucial to understand that if you unsubscribe, you will no longer receive company updates. Please note that we do not send promotional updates and only provide company updates to investors. We do not offer individual updates, so it's important to stay on the mailing list to receive important information about the company. This page can also be used but if you are not on the mailing list and remove yourself, you will not be added back to prevent our mailing account from being flagged. Re-adding emails that unsubscribe is against the platform's policy.
  • Tesix Wireless is officially registered with the US Patent & Trademark Office.
  • Penalized by AT&T for Data Abuse
    Since our Inception, one of Tesix's biggest marketing strategies was our "Zero Throttle" phone plan and it was working absolutely amazing but like any startup, we strongly underestimated this plan and needed to pivot. For the first few months of our launch, the customers were rolling in and things were going smoothly our bandwidth rates weren't exceeding as we thought they might due to the waitlist so that was perfect (at least we thought). As a few months go by we have occasionally been contacted by the carrier about some customers and their heavy data use. You see, technically it's against all carriers' policy to attempt to replace your home internet with a hotspot, which draws so much bandwidth that it slows the main network. Well, what cross the line for our end is when AT&T contacted us again and stated they would interfere with services on our behalf if we did not stop and remove some customers from our network. This is a rare occurrence because according to our Personal Carrier Rep, the carrier rarely steps in, unless with great reason. We were sent over a document that contained all of our customers with 37 highlighted customers, and it showed that 13 were using over 300GB of data in just a 20-25 day span for 3-4 months straight. It also showed that others were very well over 100GB per month and had been for several months. To put this into perspective, the average customer in the U.S. uses just 15GB of data in 30 days, with the highest being 25 GB. So a customer exceeding 100GB on a mobile device is pretty insane. After reviewing the document which contained over 76 pages, we owed AT&T over $1.6M in unpaid bandwidth fees just from penalties for customers abusing our "Zero Throttle Plan." Yes, $1.6M in just penalties, bandwidth overage, and data spreads. The good news is, were able to negotiate it down to a little over $518K and they allowed us to break up the total but it was either pay it or risk our contract. They agreed to use offering the "Zero Throttle" plan, and that is the main reason they openly agreed to lower what we owed. They also mentioned that it was an oversight on their end because it was not fully reflected in our statements. We have had to completely revise our agreement with the carrier to reflect the change and add caps to our data and remove by requirement, the 37 customers that abused the data use. Lastly, we have incorporated a RUP (Reasonable Usage Policy) to Tesix Wireless to further reflect this change. The carrier has also provided us with an upgrade infrastructure network access that will allow us to monitor customer data on our own which has an annual cost of $7,250 and I feel this will be a good addition to have on our end to prevent more incidents like this.
  • Canada Update #2: We have opened the Canada waitlist!
    The Canada waitlist is officially open! We are now ready to explore the idea of launching there after some research and development sessions. We are going to attempt pushing the list to 5,000 people and start exploring the process to being able to launch a carrier in the country.
  • Canada Update #5: Carriers in Canada
    While we build the waitlist for Tesix Wireless in Canada, One of the questions on the waitlist form is: Who is your current Canadian Carrier. Here is the list of carrier's we have received from 811 people at this very moment: Freedom Mobile Chatr Wireless Public Mobile Lucky Mobile Virgin Mobile Fido This week we will spend time learning about these carriers, their prices and understanding what we can bring to the market differently.
  • Deciding on a Zero Store Model
    So one of the goals originally set for Tesix was to open brick-and-mortar stores and welcome unlimited authorized dealers. The first store was opened in Montgomery, AL to test the need for stores considering the entire brand had become a million-dollar startup before the doors opened. The question was, Is this needed, or will this add unnecessary liabilities with open store after store? The trial was to test the first store opening for 1 year and see the results. Like any brick-and-mortar store, foot traffic is key. The results were clear and ultimately is what led to the decision that stores were not needed to build the company. Here is how the examination took place: Alabama Mobile Subscribers: 729 Montgomery, AL Subscribers: 290 In-Store Activations (1Yr): 20 (11) In-Store Activations (Grand Opening): 9 Store Rent: $1,100.00/mo Payroll: $4,121.00/mo Here's the thing, Tesix Wireless received over 50 requests a day about services in Montgomery where the store was located. However, we were asked every time: "Do I have to come in and Activate, or can I do it online?" Customers were literally ordering Sim Kits for their phones right in the city and activating them 4 days later at minimum. We were generating at least $11,000/mo on Montgomery mobile subscribers alone without them stepping a foot into the store. The store ultimately became the place to ship out phone orders, accessories, and sim kits. We are still on the path to allowing Authorized dealers and are in talks of potentially 5 in our biggest activated states with over 15% of our customer base, But we have ultimately decided against being a traditional carrier considering it was built under non-traditional means--successfully.
  • We may be headed to Canada!
    We are officially looking into launching Tesix Wireless in Canada. This comes after hundreds of requests for the service in the country via Instagram and email. We have decided to begin a waitlist for the service in the area and see what the demand looks like with a little social push. The goal would be to get at least 5,000 people on the waitlist before we move any further than it being an idea. We are officially just getting a foothold in the United States and want to be sure we are ready for even the slightest expansion into another country. Currently, the requests we have received via social media are from those located in both Toronto and Ottawa.
  • Canada Update #4: 620 People Join
    After a mass email, a post on our social media, and word of mouth, in just 8 days, we have hit 600+ people on the Canada waitlist. This is a massive start, but we still want to allow the list to grow, engage with those on the list, and find out as much as we can about prepaid carriers there and how we can better service customers in opposition to their current carriers.
  • Agreement with T-Mobile Finalized
    We have officially finalized our agreement to use the T-Mobile network and bring more coverage options. One of the biggest issues we notice in parts of Texas, California, and Nevada is the port-out due to a lack of services and server downtime due to lower coverage. In the last 60 days, we've seen at least 98 port-outs occur with "Low Coverage in City" being the reason. With our most recent email announcement, we informed customers of the new network access and assessed whether any of those customers were returning, and saw a 13% return rate from the 98 who ported out. Based on a carrier wide assessment, we say at 19% return rate from ported out customers with 5 Days of that announcement. With this agreement, it brings a lower profit margin at about 32% for each customers we place on T-Mobile Network vs our 61% with AT&T per customer.
  • Canada Update #3: Getting Trademarked in Canada
    We will be starting the process of trademarking Tesix Wireless in Canada. Per one of the requirements of the major carrier whose network we are looking to utilize, we must be a registered trademark in the country. We are currently in the process of consulting with a patent and trademark agent there in Canada. Once we determine what is required to move forward, we will then need to find representation that is authorized to represent our trademark process in the country. The Standard fees we are looking at for the process: Filing Fees: 576.00 CAD (Standard) Attorney Fees: 2,700.00 CAD Documentation: 117.00 CAD Certificate: 178.00 CAD

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