99% Coverage on the Nation's Largest GSM Network.

Our coverage is a predicted high-level approximation of wireless coverage. There are gaps in coverage that are not shown by high-level approximation. Actual coverage may differ and may be affected by terrain, weather, network changes, foliage, buildings, construction, signal strength, high-usage periods, customer devices, and other factors.


Tesix Wireless® 5G coverage is currently available in select U.S. markets. Here are some of the top cities by population that our max 5G coverage is available: 

Sacremento, CA

99.01% Coverage

Columbus, OH

96.55% Coverage

Baltimore, MD

96.55% Coverage

Tampa, FL

96.15% Coverage

Kansas City, MO

96.01% Coverage

Indianapolis, IN

94.55% Coverage

Detroit, MI

93.55% Coverage

Boston, MA

89.82% Coverage

Cincinnati, OH

88.00% Coverage

Los Angeles, CA

87.05% Coverage


Does Tesix Wireless® covers USA only?

Yes, at this time Tesix Wireless® only covers the United States.

What are Tesix Wireless® least covered states?

Our least are the following:

  • Alaska- 11.3% Coverage

  • Maine- 46% Coverage

  • Montana- 68.40% Coverage

  • Nevada- 51.42% Coverage

  • Wyoming- 54.63% Coverage

All other states within our coverage zones are covered by 80-99%. Living in rural areas can sometimes affect your reception.

Does my device affect my reception?

Yes, this is possible. Having a 4G/5G devices gives you a better chance at great coverage. Using older devices can affect your reception tremendously.