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The Woman behind the Connection.

Chaymeriyia Moncrief, Founder & CEO


Getting the idea for a wireless carrier shortly after High School was easier said than done for a 17-year-old at the time. Having an endless love for tech and gadgets since elementary school, the ideas of technology translated into the dream of launching a carrier, marking a full circle moment.

When the thought to launch a wireless carrier emerged, she had just gotten her very first contract carrier but couldn't keep up with the excessive monthly bill after signing the contract. The excessive fees, over-data usage, and plan changes made the bill too much to handle.

At the age of 17, working her very first job and receiving monthly phone bills that exceeded her paychecks, the "aha" moment came while sketching ideas for a smartphone design.

She thought, "If I want to launch a smartphone, why not add my own phone service to it? I would create something that was more affordable, and kids my age could have access to cheaper but featured-filled phone plans."

After not revisiting the ideas again until 2017 and officially launching in December of 2018, it became official, and Tesix Wireless was open for activations.

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