Become a Authorized Dealer with Tesix.

As a newcomer to the telecom industry, Tesix Wireless™ is steadily building its recognition as a millennial-focused prepaid wireless carrier. Authorized Dealer with Tesix Wireless will become the pillar of the company's emerging success.

Lets get into the details for joining the team!

Tesix Wireless™ Authorized Dealer opportunity is a great offering for joining the telecom industry. With just a small licensing fee of $5,000 USD, Authorized Dealers are granted the right to open and operate a Tesix Wireless™ storefront and use the company's likeness to sell exclusively Tesix Wireless™ Services, mobile devices, and smartphone devices.


Earn competitive compensation from activating new customers, box sales and accessory sales.


Tesix Wireless™ Dealers must first complete all proper training before opening their Tesix Wireless™ location. With accessible courses and licensing support available, Tesix's dealers will be equipped to handle decisions and successfully drive their storefront to success.

You're a great fit if:


  • Great track record of sales and business leadership

  • Live in or within the region you wish to open

  • You're prepared to sell Tesix services exclusively

  • Accept Tesix Retail Terms and Conditions

  • Accept Tesix Non-compete Agreement

You're not a good fit if:


  • If you are seeking a multi-carrier store

  • If you wish to propose commercial properties

  • If you wish to open store outside you region

Operating a Tesix Wireless™ Store:
When operating a Tesix Wireless™ store some things to be expected in operations are: Smartphone and accessories sales , activating customers onto the network and troubleshooting mobile devices. Some of the perks to operating a Tesix Wireless™ Store includes the ability to operate at your own hours, hire your own team of employees, keep 50% of activation sales, keep all profits on box and accessories sales.
Dealer Responsibility:


  • Operating Capitol

  • Recommend a Minimum of $10,000 liquid cash

  • Location Rent

  • Employees/Hiring

  • Inventory Purchasing

  • Store Furnishing

Note: Dealer fees can be paid in a total of 1 full payment or 2-4 installments.



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Tesix operates on the Nation's Largest GSM Network as it's own prepaid carrier. Tesix is responsible to our subscribers for the service, billing and support. Please connect with Tesix with any questions, help or comments about services. 

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