Number Porting from AT&T or any of AT&T carriers are currently unavailable.

Things to know.

Upgrading/Downgrading your Plan.

You are able to upgrade and downgrade your plan as you wish. This pertains to our Mobile Plans and Hotspot Plan. Example: You may downgrade from our Ultimate Unlimited with talk, text and data to our Hotspot/Data only plan and vice versa.

New Sim after Cancellation.

If your account goes into cancellation due to Non-Payment, Tesix will not be responsible for sending a Free Sim Card. If you wish to reactivate, you are responsible for purchasing a new Sim for your reactivation.

4 days of Non-Pay.

Once your account goes in Non-Pay, you will have 4 days to pay your Tesix Bill. If your bill is not paid by 11:59:59, your account will go into an automatic Cancellation Mode and it cannot be recovered. The mobile number on the account will be lost and the sim card will not be reusable. If your account goes into cancellation and you would later like to reactivate, you will need to get another Tesix Sim Card. If you are porting a number we highly recommend on-time bill pay or Auto-Pay. This will ensure you keep your number active because we will not be able to recover the mobile number.

Sim Cards are Non-Reusable.

Tesix Sim Cards are non-reusable. Once a Sim card has been activated it can not be reused. In the events your account goes into cancellation and you decide at a later time you'd like to reactivate, you will need to get a new sim card to be able to open a new line.

Number Porting.

It is important to have the proper Account & Pin number from your current carrier for a successful port to Tesix. To obtain your Account and Pin number, simply log into your current carrier online account or call your current carrier for the proper information.

Is your device unlocked?

Your Device is Locked if:

  • You are leasing your device and have not paid it off
  • You are under contract with a major carrier
  • You purchased your device directly from a PREPAID carrier and has not had the phone over 12-15 months.
  • The device is blacklisted
Did you Know: When you purchase a mobile phone directly from any prepaid carrier, they will require that you have your device 12-15 months before you are able to use that device with another carrier. How can I check this? Simply call your current carrier and check the device unlock eligibility status or if you have a Tesix Sim or a sim from another carrier, place that sim into device in question and see if sim is compatible with that device. If it takes the sim, the device is not locked. If it states "Invalid Sim" the device is locked. If a locked device is activated, payment for line cannot be refunded after activation.

Porting from Google Fi.

Google Fi issues VoIP (Voice over Internet) Numbers and will play a massive role in your serviceability with Tesix. In some cases, you may be able to Talk, Text, and use the Internet; however, you may not be able to text-specific devices. Examples and commonly reported issues:

  • iPhone users may not be able to send MMS to Android devices.
  • Users with hotspot abilities may not be able to use the hotspot.
  • Facetime or video messaging feature may not work.
Please keep in mind that this is a temporay issue, by tempory this could mean months before all your features kick in. Because of the kind of carrier Google Fi is (VoIP), it causes many restrictions on the devices that utilize their network and is the primary reason Google Fi only accepts specific devices.